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How this site works:
    You sign up (for free)

    You get a website (ex. [Sample]

    You give the website to a friend

    The friend goes to the website

    The friend types in his or her name and a message, hits the "send" button

    You receive the message on your cell phone

             If your friend inserts an e-mail address, you can reply

How much does it cost?
    There is no fee to send a message

    Your cell phone service provider may charge you for receiving a message

Why should I use this service?
    Have people message you without having to remember your phone number or provider

    Messaging on a computer keyboard is more conveinent than using a phone pad

    When you want to be reached but are unable to answer phone calls (ex. class, work, etc.)

    Text messages are faster to check than voicemails

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Your cell phone MUST be able to receive text messages! is NOT responsible for the following:
    Charges incurred for any received messages.

    The content of the messages sent.

    Messages that are lost or delayed due to Internet/satellite errors beyond our control.

    Messages intercepted by hackers or third party companies.

Privacy Statement
    Aside from the information you provide us, we only track the number of messages sent to you - not the contents of the messages.

    Nobody will be able to obtain your phone number on the website or in the source code.

    We will not sell or spam your phone number or e-mail address to a Third Party Company.



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